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Gateway Neighborhood Organization (NOrg)

The Gateway Neighborhood Organization (NOrg) is one of the the newest neighborhood organizations in Palm Springs. It was formed by local Palm Springs residents John Berger and Neal Williams after discovering they did not live in a city recognized neighborhood.

The formation steps began with the help of the One- PS Neighborhood Formation and Support Committee and the Manager of Office of Neighborhoods. In January 2018 the boundaries of the neighborhood were established and on February 8, 2018, the Gateway NOrg was approved by David Ready, City Manager of Palm Springs.

Gateway envelops four residential neighborhoods which include Sundial, Vibe, Pueblo Sands, and La Palme.

The boundaries of the neighborhood organization begin at the southeast corner of North Farrell Drive and East Andreas Road and proceed east on East Andreas Road to North Civic Drive. The boundary then continues south on North Civic Drive to East Tahquitz Canyon Way, where it proceeds east along Tahquitz to El Cielo Road, turning south on El Cielo to Kirk Douglas Way. Running southeast along Kirk Douglas Way, the boundary then continues west onto Ramon Road and then north along South Pavilion Way. Turning east on El Baristo Road, the boundary turns north along South Farrell Drive, and ends back at East Andreas Road.

Neighborhood News Updates:

  • New 2023 Officers and Board of Advisors Selected

    New 2023 Officers and Board of Advisors Selected

    A new board and executive committee has been selected for Year 2023. Here are the Current Officers and Board of Advisors: Chairperson: John Berger Vice Chairperson: Eric Gray Secretary/Treasurer: Sharon Wilkinson Communications: Neal Williams Board of Advisors: Richard Crowley

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  • Gateway Blade Signs are available for Purchase

    Gateway Blade Signs are available for Purchase

    The Gateway blade sign was designed with a nod to the nearby airport and the mid-century aesthetics of Palm Springs. The blade sign was approved by the city in May 2021 and began appearing around the neighborhood in July 2021.

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